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Make your workplace really work. With data.

Space Monitoring is a workplace management service that helps you to understand, prioritise and decide how to increase productivity and wellbeing.

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"Space Monitoring helped us to really understand our workplace and make important (and long overdue) decisions for our company."

Petr Simunek

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How does
Space Monitoring work?

1. week

We'll consult where and when we should measure.

2. week

We'll place the Space Monitors to your workplace.

3. week

We'll analyse the data and give you the insights.

Space Monitoring Insights

Focus Index

Find out what and where reduces your
productivity and take action to mitigate the risks.

Wellbeing Index

Discover what's driving your employee wellbeing and satisfaction. Don't guess and work on what matters.

Employee Feedback

Take advantage of crowd-sourcing and gather the best ideas from your own employees.

Detailed Data

Discover and understand strengths and weaknesses for each of your workplace zones.

Action Steps

Get data-based insights and action steps to increase productivity & wellbeing.

Helping with Workplaces

"We didn't really know what to expect from Space Monitoring, but in the end the measurement was fun and helped us finally swing and decide a few important things."

Petr Simunek

"We wanted to try Space Monitoring and I'm glad we went for it. Now I can work with space objectively and make the right decisions."

Barbora Rabinak

"I have to say that the whole monitoring is very nicely done and the results are beautifully and clearly presented. We immediately agreed to take another monitoring in half a year.”

Jan Moudrik

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