Does your workplace actually work?

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A well-designed work environment can increase productivity by up to 30% and employee satisfaction by up to 60%.

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Doing nothing is often
the most expensive course of action

"What bothers me the most is the fact that although our offices look terrible our company presents itself as progressive and results-driven. When job seekers see our offices it's really hard to get them to return."

HR Specialist

"There is no air, it's the worst after lunch break (it doesn't matter whether it's winter or summer). I feel completely exhausted, without energy after being at work for a few hours.... Disaster!!!"

IT Manager

"Our conference rooms are very unattractive - I'm even ashamed of showing them to job seekers and visitors. And the signs and trying to "be cool" sometimes just causes headaches..."


Offices have potential

How much can the average workplace improve:

Index of Concentration
Index of Satisfaction
Air Quality
Sick Days
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The first step is a correct analysis

Small fragments of information are not enough. Space Monitoring combines complex operational data, feedback and bench marking.

  • Objective evaluation of the current conditions
  • Data-driven recommendations for optimization
  • Comparison of solutions by investment level and impact

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Space Monitor™

Our sensor for

It stands on a desk and measures CO2, noise, temperature, air humidity and 8 other environmental quality factors every 4 seconds

  • Doesn't require any installation
  • Your data is safe on an internal drive
  • You don't pay for the hardware
  • Yes, you can water our coffee plant
  • Monitoring is fun for the employees
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Employees feedback

We measure the impact on business by surveying

A quality environment means something different to each company and therefore we involve employees in the process. The Space Monitor results are combined with their unique views where the company culture, values and expectations are projected.


Index of Concentration


Index of Satisfaction


Point of Burnout


Most common wishes


Most common complaints


Work / Life Balance


Comparison by teams

BIG Data & Machine Learning

We compare your environment with a database

As we have the monitoring results of dozens of meeting rooms, offices or open-spaces, we know what an effective and healthy environment should look like and what impact the changes you make will have.

  • Index of Concentration compared to the market
  • Health of the environment compared to the market
  • Automatic detection of risk factors
  • Measurement of the potential for improving your environment
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What our customers say

"In Forbes we didn't really know what to expect from Space Monitoring, but offices are something that we have been trying to improve for some time and when we published an article about Greenest Company in Forbes NEXT it got us thinking...we should try them. The monitoring went just fine - someone from our team even watered the coffee plants. And the recommendations helped us to finally decide few important things."

Petr Šimůnek
Chief Editor, Forbes

"We wanted to try out Space Monitoring and I'm glad we did. Now I have important data from all around the company on my desk every three months and I can track how our changes make a difference over time."

Barbora Rabiňáková
HR Manager, Omio

“We are currently planning on expanding to another floor in Alza and I wanted to see how the current work place is working before we design the new offices.I must say that every bit of Monitoring is well made and the results are presented nicely and clearly. Straight away we agreed on doing another Monitoring in six months after we are finished with the expansion."

Jan Moudřík
Expansion Manager, Alza

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Don't invest blindly in your office

Find out how your office is performing and where will the investments have the greatest impact.

Small Business

25 000,-

workplace up to 20 employees

price for one monitoring and one floor

What do you get in the Space Report:

  • Index of Concentration
  • Index of Satisfaction
  • Workplace Potential Analysis
  • Data-driven Recommendations
  • Comparison of Environmental Standards
  • Executive Summary
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    Medium Business

    50 000,-

    workplace up to 120 employees

    price for one monitoring and one floor

    Small business plus:

    • Index of Concentration and Satisfaction by teams
    • Data-driven Recommendations by zones and teams
    • Monitoring of the impact of changes
    • Tailored data packages
    • Health of conference rooms
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    Large Business

    Get in touch

    buildings and branches

    price according to range

    Medium business plus:

    • Index of Concentration and Satisfaction by floors, buildings or branches
    • Potential analysis
    • Data integration from BMS systems
    • Correlation of the environment with internal KPIs such as sales volume, conversions or customer retention
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    What do I get after the monitoring?
    The outcome is Space Report - presentation with the most important results, recommendations and their impact and all data from monitoring.

    How long does Space Monitoring take?
    Three weeks. First week is for preparation, second week for monitoring itself, third week for analysis and presentation..

    What about GDPR and sensitive company data?
    We do not send measured data to the internet and the questionnaire is anonymous. We do not process any personal data.

    Is the Space Monitor eavesdropping on me?
    Nope. It only stores noise level data every 4 seconds. We don't know who and what the say, just how loud.

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