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Wellbeing Dashboard

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Data-driven wellbeing management

Wellbeing Dashboard helps HR managers understand what their people need to be happy and productive at work.

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Cultivate wellbeing

Build a strong company culture.

Increase satisfaction

Give people what they truly want.

Improve productivity

Happy employees do twice as much.

How it works

We analyze data from tools you already use to find insights that will improve your wellbeing.
We build our AI on

Research and experience

15 wellbeing factors

See everything you need to know about your company in one place.

Comparison with the market

Find your strenghts and weaknesess compared to other companies.

Customized recommendations

Get specific step-by-step solutions to your most important problems.

Track monthly progress

See the impact of your work from month to month.

Wellbeing report every month

Get a detailed report with key highlights you can show your co-workers.
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Our AI is powered by data from the best employers


How serious are you about wellbeing in your company?

Wellbeing Basics

Just checking things out.

5 000,- czk

per month
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  • Monthly Wellbeing Report
  • 15 wellbeing factors
  • Employee insights
  • Continual progress tracking
  • Chatbot integration

Wellbeing Pro

Pretty serious.

15 000,- czk

per month
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Everything in Basics

  • Comparison with the market
  • Impact-price analysis
  • Customised recommendations
  • 24/7 Slack support
  • Monthly 1 hour call with our wellbeing expert

Wellbeing Partner

We mean business.


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Everything in Pro

  • Custom 1-year wellbeing plan
  • Private wellbeing expert on call 16/7
  • The Greenest Company certificate
  • Yearly Wellbeing Trend Report