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One in two households has serious trouble with air quality

In quarantine, we measured the quality of the environment in 42 households, and more than half of them did not even meet the basic hygienic limits.

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Three worst problems
of household environment


One in two bedrooms is killing healthy sleep

More than 50% of the bedrooms in our research have a negative impact on sleep quality. High CO2, temperature spikes, sub-threshold disturbances, etc.


Poor air quality

Around 40% of households have a problem with air quality in different rooms. Often it is enough to realize the size of the problem and learn to ventilate properly.


Children room environment

About 40% have exceeded basic hygiene standards. The problem can be worse, because children tend to spend time here not only at night, but also during the day.

Is your bedroom killing your healthy sleep? What do you think?

Space Monitoring home was great - it's really well set up, including the form of the results!

I would still welcome some photos that I could share - please send me an e-mail, I'll try to promote you :)

Sona Jonasova

Space Monitoring
in Three Steps

Pick the Date

We will let you know when we will have a free Space Monitor for you and arrange a handover.

Take the Monitor

We'll give you instructions on exactly where to put it so you'll get the right data.

Get the Data

You will receive the detailed data and recommendations tailored to your household.

Home Monitoring Insights

Focus Index

It will tell you if you have a good environment for work at home. And if you don't, then what to focus on.

Sleep Quality Index

It will show if your bedroom has a good sleeping environment. About 50% of the bedrooms we measured have big problems.

of Zones

You will find out how the various rooms in your home stand, and where there is the greatest room for improvement.


Based on the data, you can make changes at home that will improve your sleep or your ability to concentrate during the day.

A word from our customers

I was surprised at how much CO2 we have at night. I confirmed that we have to have an open fan even though we live in a busy street.

April Customer

I expected the bedroom to be a problem, but not that much. We are currently working on how to solve it without a fan ...

May Customer

The design of the sensor is divine! It fits into the apartment, no cable, no industrial abrasion, really great and an important feature for me (no benefit)

June Customer

Space Monitoring Pricing

Valid for Prague. Outside of the city we'll have to add the travel costs.


2 500,-

three zones

bedroom, living room etc.


  • Focus Index
  • Sleep Quiality Index
  • Comparison of Zones
  • 24h data records
  • Action Steps
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    od 5 000,-

    more zones

    bedroom, living room etc.


    • Focus Index
    • Sleep Quiality Index
    • Comparison of Zones
    • 24h data records
    • Action Steps
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      Contact us

      companies, branches...

      offices, meeting rooms...


      • Focus Index
      • Sleep Quiality Index
      • Comparison of Zones
      • 24h data records
      • Action Steps
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      a odpovědi

      Does Space Monitor spy on me?
      Nope. It stores only noise data every 4 seconds. We don't know who says what, just how loud.

      What about GDPR and sensitive data?
      We do not send measurement data to the Internet and the survey is anonymous. We do not process any personal data.

      Is the plant alive in Space Monitor?
      Yes. It's a coffee plant actually. And we give them names - for example, our first Space Monitor is Frederick.

      How long does the measurement take?We only need 12-24 hours for each measured zone. We can handle small measurements in 3 days, larger ones according to the number of zones.


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