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We combine nature & technology to create a better environment for all of us

The environment affects our health, mood and productivity

The environment has a huge impact on us. A place, where we spend time directly affects our ability to concentrate, the number of mistakes we make, our headaches, and how often we get sick. And because we spend 90% of our time under the roof, buildings have the biggest impact on us.

We often do not realize how much it affects us. The environment is very difficult to measure and to understand all the contexts one would have to be partially a psychologist, an architect, a sociologist, an economist and an anthropologist. Therefore most of us do not monitor the quality of the environment and do not know how it affects our productivity, happiness or health.

That's why we founded The Greenest Company. To further explore the impact of the environment on humans and to design products and services that will improve it.

How can we help

Space Monitoring

A quick analysis of the working environment that focuses on its health, an impact on corporate culture and productivity.

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Mobile Green Walls

In green offices, people are 15% less stressed, 30% more productive, breathing better air, 30% less tired and up to 67% more happy. That's why we developed the Space Plant - mobile hydroponic wall with its own lighting that works perfectly in offices.

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Founders Team

Jindřich Fialka


Martin Stára


Václav Pavlečka


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