Get the Data from your Office

Modular solution for every office, building or retail store.

Key Factors of Every Office

Carbon Dioxide
Noise Levels
Air Humidity
Light Conditions

Meet Space Monitor

Our high-tech sensor and companion on the way to the better office.

Monitoring technology inside

  • CO2 Levels
  • Temperature
  • Air Humidity
  • Light Conditions
  • Noise Levels

Map your Office in 14 days

1. Positioning
Our Greenest Company team will visit your offices to understand the environment and place the Space Monitors™

2. Scouting
With the fleet of Space Scouts™ we gather all the environment data for 14 days. Completely offline, no data security risk.

3. Space Report
We craft the Space Report with the set of actionable steps and recommendations for your office.

No Data Risk

Space Monitors store data on internal drive - no connection risk involved.

No Installation

We just plant the Monitors on desks and shelves in your office.

No Hardware Fee

Interior quality sensors are not exactly cheap, that's why we made them portable.

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